Application Areas

Our company, Twin Tech India Pvt. Ltd. based in Ghaziabad, is manufacturing and supplying highly effective Aerosol cans and sprays which are widely used in variety of industrial applications. Our products are made from superior grade of oils and chemical components which are non-toxic and safe to use.

Application Area

Process Industry

Use our wide range of excellent aerosol and spray process industries products for online electrical contact cleaners, moisture displaces, carbon remover. These are used for preventing dust, increasing the efficiency and lubrication of the machine parts.

Automotive industry

We, Twin Tech India Pvt. Ltd. are offering an assorted range of aerosols, lubricants, sprays and maintenance products for automotive sectors. These are extensively used for machinery parts such as engines, bearings, metal molds for moisture proofing, lubrication in extreme temperature, corrosion inhibitors, rust penetrator and cleaning & degreasing etc.

Telecommunication Industry

Our manufactured and supplied areosol and spray products are safe and efficient for cleaning and removing grease, oxides, condensation, dust, grime and other contaminants from optical fiber cables, connectors used in telecommunication industry. These are also great for radio antenna assemblies for reducing contact resistance.

Electrical and Electronics industry

The offered products are recommended for cleaning electric motor windings, cables, electronic equipments etc. These are provided in varied types such as Cold Galvanizing Compounds, Anti-Track Coatings, HT Tapes, On-line Electrical Cleaner, Electronic Cleaner, PCB Coatings, Tuff Clean for 11KV and 33KV Insulation. The PCB coating enhances the working lifespan and reliability of electronic PCB assemblies.

IT Industry

Twin Tech India Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged in providing a broad class of sprays and aerosols products for cleaning and degrease, removing dust and dirt without contaminating either your computer and surrounding in safe manner. These are recommended by every technician as products are best for daily usage to keep computers and data center clean and tidy.

Textile Industry

Have a look on our wide list of Dry Lubricants and anti seize spray products that consists of Dry Graphite lube, PTFE Dry Film Lubricant, Dry Moly Lubricant and Copper/Moly based antiseize compounds. The products have been used in textile equipments and machines for long lasting drip free lubrication.

Pharmaceuticals Industry

We are offering different kinds of cleaning products which are made up of surface active compounds and specially formulated for all types of surface for preventing contaminants such as oils, grease, carbon, dirt, grime etc. These products are biodegradable, non-toxic and 100% ozone free. They are very useful for pharmaceutical industry for perfect and hygienic cleaning of floors, machines, vessels and containers etc.

Other Application Areas

We are offering great and numerous range of:

Car Care Products:
Cleaner, car perfume, air dry spray paint, car wax, car wash shampoo, tyre and dashboard shiner, all in one rust remover, brake cleaner etc.

Home Care Products:
Room freshener, air deo, shoe deo, helmet deo, glass cleaner and furniture polish etc.

Twin Tech India Pvt. manufacturing a superb variety of adhesive tapes in different qualities and usages that include floor line marking, sealing of ducts, bundling and stripling of heavy goods, holding of condenser coils in refrigerators, PE surface protection, masking tape, packaging, labeling, electrical insulation, double layer advertising tape and many more.

Our Company is also providing Contract packaging with extensive private label aerosol filling / packaging capabilities for number of companies and industries.

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